Sunday, September 25, 2016

Happy Fall

This the first week of autumn – the season that many people regard as the true start of the year. More diets and health improvement projects are started in September than in January. It’s a great time of year: the best weather, the best movies and the desire to cook again.

While it was nice not to have the school bus schedule determine our morning routine there is a lot to be said about getting up and out BEFORE the bus pulls up. A lot can be accomplished with an early start and the wisdom of getting out early is reinforced if you are stuck behind a bus that stops at every driveway for two miles.

When making the school lunches and snacks pack one for yourself as well. Brown-bagging will save a ton of money and means you won’t waste time looking around for something to eat. Use the extra time to take a walk.

Try to make good choices everyday. Get the smaller container of popcorn at the movies. You have more control if you make your own coffee rather than stopping at the drive-through. Start limiting treats now in anticipation of the eating season that starts at Halloween and extends to Valentine’s Day.

Happy Fall!