Sunday, December 11, 2016

Pet Ownership

There are many benefits of pet ownership: companionship, comfort, and stress reduction. Dogs promote an active lifestyle in their owners and have been shown to detect oncoming seizures. Studies have shown that cat owners are lesser risk of stroke than any other pet owner. But for all of the benefits of pets, owners should be aware that pets carry germs that can make humans sick.

To protect your family from becoming sick it is important to wash hands with soap and water after contact with the animal, their stool and their food. Avoid bites and scratches. All animals should have regular veterinary care.

Good stewardship means picking up dog feces and keeping litter boxes clean. While puppies and kittens are very cute they are more likely to carry worm. Pets can appear to be fine but could be excreting disease-causing bacteria. Keep the animal and bedding clean.

Pets are a wonderful addition to a family but require as much care as any other member.

Here are some terrible disease carried by dogs and some nasties carried by cats. Birdssmall mammals and reptiles may be the pet choice for some but they too can carry disease.